Ice Fish in Canada Ice Fishing Canadian Lakes and Rivers the best freshwater fishing in Canada!

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Ice fish in Canada

Ice Fishing in Canada

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Enjoy Canadian ice fishing, Canada ice fishing winter getaway.

Ice fishing is popular in Canada and a lot of fun. Each winter thousands of anglers venture onto Canada’s frozen lakes and rivers seeking pan fish for the dinner table as well as trophy-size lake trout and northern pike. Each winter, there are ice-related accidents often caused by poor judgment or poor decisions based on inadequate information.

Canada's ice fishing lodges, resorts, and outfitters guide for a great
Canadian winter ice fishing getaway.

Canadian Ice Fishing Provinces

Find below some of the best ice fishing destinations in Canada  »  Ice Fish in Canada Ice Fishing Canadian Lakes and Rivers

Ice Fishing Alberta Canada

Ice Fishing Alberta Canada   »  Ice Fishing Alberta Guided Ice Fishing Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
When winter comes, the best thing to do until the next season of floating rivers and relaxing on lakes is to don the ski-doo suit, grab the auger and ice hut, and go ice fishing. Ice fishing has a long history throughout the world, and is an enjoyable way to spend the winter months and put some food on the table and in the smoker. Our guided Ice Fishing Trips run in Alberta, Canada and are in close proximity to Banff, Canmore, Kananaskis Country, Calgary, and Red Deer.

Ice Fishing British Columbia Canada

Ice Fishing British Columbia Canada   »  It can’t happen everywhere and it only happens in BC during the winter months – Ice Fishing! Traditionally a form of winter survival fishing, the sport of ice fishing continues today as a leisure outdoor activity for the stocks running the winter season and time spent with friends and family. This is one story of a real fishing adventure standing in the middle of the lake the rest of the family back will have to see photos of to believe. Check these communities to see if guided tours, as well as, covered fish houses are available.

Ice Fishing Manitoba Canada

Ice Fishing Manitoba Canada   »  Ice Fishing At Lake Manitoba Narrows It is no surprise that master anglers from all over the globe flock to Manitoba for winter ice fishing, what with the thousands of lakes and countless rivers in the area, literally overflowing with Walleye, Trout, Pike, Perch, Sauger, Crappies and other prized fish. In fact, fishing is practically a way of life for Manitobans, which is how they have indeed perfected this art.

Fish New Brunswick Canada

Fish New Brunswick Canada   »  What can be said about Fishing in New Brunswick, that has not been said many times before?

Newfoundland and Labrador Canada

Newfoundland and Labrador Canada   »  Terra Nova National Park The park also offers winter outdoor adventures in cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, winter camping, ice fishing and picnicking. There are approximately 50 km of ski and snowshoe trails, some of them groomed. They range from 2 to 12 kms and from easy to difficult. Winter campers will find tent platforms and an enclosed picnic shelter with a wood stove and firewood at the Newman Sound campground, and winter camping is free. There is both freshwater and salt water ice fishing. A park license is required for freshwater ice fishing.

Northwest Territories Canada

Northwest Territories Canada   »  Ice Fishing Northwest Territories. For a truly extraordinary adventure, try ice fishing in northern Canada. Ice fishing is a true northern adventure For a truly extraordinary adventure, try ice fishing in northern Canada. See the Northwest Territories in the northern spring - April and May. Ride to a remote lake on a snowmobile, or travel to your ice fishing vacation by dog team. On the Arctic coast, jig for char through a hole in the ice, from a warm tent. Elsewhere you can fish for trout, pike and pickerel on inland lakes. A warm spring sun, a cozy fire and a warm welcome at a nearby lodge makes for a perfect ice fishing trip. Its a Canadian pastime made legendary in the Northwest Territories.

Nova Scotia Canada

Nova Scotia Canada   »  Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture - Sportfishing: Winter Angling Opportunities. Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture strives to ensure prosperous and sustainable agriculture, commercial fishing, aquaculture, food production and sport fishing industries for Nova Scotia's rural and coastal communities through wise resource management, strategic development and stakeholder partnerships.

Ice Fish Nunavut Canada

Ice Fish Nunavut Canada  »  Species in Nunavut Each spring the melting snow fills thousands and thousands of small lakes and rivers throughout the central arctic region. This archipelago of lakes is the result of a combination of a shallow permafrost layer and an undulating topography left by retreating glaciers. Fishing is a mainstay for many Inuit families, and it is not uncommon to see men and women of all ages jigging through the spring ice. In early summer, most communities host an annual fishing derby with prizes that include Coleman stoves, fishing tackle, and cash.

Ice Fish Ontario Canada

Ice Fish Ontario Canada  »  Ontario Ice Fishing & Ice Hut Operators - FISHinONTARIO Ontario Icefishing Hut Operator information provided is a guideline. Please contact the ice hut operator for full details.

Ice Fish Prince Edward Island Canada

Ice Fish Prince Edward Island Canada   »  Winter Ice Fishing Seasons Opens. The ice fishing season was established several years ago to promote outdoor recreational activities during the winter months. It runs from the first Saturday in January to the last Saturday in March. Several hundred Islanders participate each year. For more information on winter ice fishing season, contact the Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division at (902) 368-4683.

Ice Fishing Québec Canada

Ice Fishing in Québec: Fresh fish!   »  Ice fishing is a tradition handed down by the First Nations and currently practised just about everywhere in Québec. As soon as the ice is thick enough, colourful little wooden shacks are dragged out onto lakes and rivers. The shacks, which are usually rented, provide varying degrees of comfort. Basically, they offer much-appreciated shelter from the wind and allow ice-fishers to extend their time outdoors. Off-season, the shacks are stored along the shoreline.

Ice Fishing Saskatchewan Canada

Ice Fishing Saskatchewan Canada  »  Big Strike Outfitters Ice Fishing Saskatchewan. Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan Ice Fishing at It's Best! Big Strike Outfitters provides Fully Guided Ice Fishing Packages for Monster Pike, Trophy Walleye and Jumbo Perch on Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan. Please call (306) 862-2620 or email for availability. Here to help you Catch the Biggest Fish of Your Life.

Ice Fishing Yukon Canada

Ice Fishing Yukon Canada   »  Winter activities in Canada's Yukon. Imagine driving a team of friendly huskies through the fresh fallen snow of Yukon's Southern Lakes or cruising along with a powerful snowmobile to explore numerous trails or waiting patiently at a self drilled ice hole to catch a winter lake trout ! Tagish Lake Wilderness Lodge hosts very few winter guests (maximum 8) from February 1st - March 31st. Try snowshoeing and cross country skiing and explore the wilderness along Tagish Lake with nobody else but you and your companion(s). Or experience ice fishing and catch a lake trout in a hole drilled through feet of solid ice.   »  Ice Fishing - Ice Fishing Tips - Ice Fishing Tactics
Ice Fishing is our specialty. We offer all kinds of information on ice fishing to help satisfy your needs.
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Ice Fishing Alaska Canada   »  Ice Fishing is also an option for you if you would like to experience a different side to fishing in Canada. There are ice fishing guides that could assist you in your trip. It is recommended if you are not very experienced. They will ensure your safety and enjoyable experience in Canada. Ice fishing requires special gear, outfits and techniques that require the help of a skilled ice fishing guide. Many tourists who come to Canada for ice fishing can rent ice huts to keep them warm and away from wind.

Ice fishing in Canada   »  Ice fishing in Canada is a unique fishing experience that has the potential for big fish. Your Canadian ice fishing guides will take you out on a frozen lake where you will have the opportunity to catch a variety of fish through the ice. Depending on the region in Canada, you will find lake trout, northern pike, walleye, whitefish and rainbow trout. When you are dressed for the weather, ice fishing can be very comfortable and enjoyable. Nothing beats a sun-filled northern day out on a lake ice fishing and enjoying this winter wonderland. Exciting strikes with the potential for a trophy fish make ice fishing adventures second to none. Ice fishing trips may also be featured as a sideline during our snowmobiling, dogsledding, Native Cultural experiences or adventure lodge trips.



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Ice Fish in Canada Ice Fishing Canadian Lakes and Rivers the best freshwater fishing in Canada!

Ice fish in Canada

With winter quickly approaching, people who live in some of the colder regions of the country are preparing for the ice fishing season. Ice fishing is a charming sport in that people who do it often feel as though they are slipping into character.

As you put on the several layers of warm and dry clothing, you can't help but feel as though you are playing the role of some experienced, seasoned fisherman who is about to conquer the hostile environment of the winter's ice and snow.

Ice fishing is more than just finding a spot on the ice to dig a hole and drop your line through. It's not as easy as it looks. But what can be so difficult about sitting on the ice waiting for the fish to bite? There is more to ice fishing than simply staying warm.

There is a lot of hard work that goes into having a successful day out on the ice - after all, it is called ice fishing for a reason! If you don't catch any fish, what's the point? Everything from making the hole to releasing the fish and all the little things in between require attention to make your day worthwhile.

Once you have arrived at the lake, it is a good idea to make a pattern of the holes that you want to drill. Generally, the experts say to start your first hole about 10 feet from the shore. You should then drill about four to eight holes in a line. You may want to drill several lines of holes that create a grid or fan shape in order to thoroughly cover the structure on which you are working. Be sure to do all of your drilling when you first arrive. As you might imagine, fish are frightened by the noisy drill. Do the drilling once, and they will return to the spot before you know it.

There are two basic approaches to ice fishing. There is the active and the passive approach. The active approach is jigging (done by hand or with a wind-operated tip-up), while the passive approach is done by using a set line. Most ice fishing is accomplished using set lines. A set line is exactly what it sounds like. It is a line sitting still with a minnow on the end waiting for a bite. If you use this method, you are able to fish more than one hole at the same time, as well as do other things, such as cook or make a fire.

A set line will usually be rigged with a single small wire hook tied to the end and a split shot attached six to eighteen inches up the line. A minnow is hooked and the line is sent to within inches of the bottom or into the strike zone. You may also use bear paws to add dropper lines to your main line. This lets you fish at multiple depths. Once you've put the lines down the hole, all you have to do is wait for a hit to set off a flag.

You've caught the fish, now what? When bringing in the line by hand, you have got to make sure the line doesn't go slack. As you are pulling with one hand, grasp the line with the other before letting your first hand go. You are going to also have to judge quickly how green the fish is before it reaches the surface. If it's too active, the fish will be harder to bring up through the hole, and you will run the risk of losing what you have worked so hard to catch. Once you do have the head through the hole, the fish is all yours. Now that you have the basics, what are you waiting for? Get out on the ice and start fishing!

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